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Tags in Tunisia

Today, one of the biggest gains of Tunisia's revolution is "more or less", the freedom of expression. However, even with the continuous censorship or the Police oppression in the demonstrations, tags have become the creative way of Tunisians to get their voices be heard... Say whatever you want to people anonymously without arguing or debating... just get the message to hundreds and hundreds of people everyday....

Tunisians are tagging quotes, showing pluralism, diversity of people's backgrounds and ideologiesand the enrichingdifferencein the community.

  -ارادة الشعوب تكره المزاح"- مظفر النواب
The will of the people hates jokes-Muzaffar Al-Nawab-

Letter to Mr. the Civilized…

They promote democracy but not if it brings Islamic fundamentalists to power… They call our states rogue /undemocratic states when it comes to human rights violations but violations are tolerated under the umbrella of supporting self-determination and freedom… They are watching when their intervention is needed but intervening when watching is better… They preach non-proliferation in Iran but not in Israel… They massively repulsed aggression against oil owning Kuwaitis in the 90s but not against non-owning oil Bosnians… They consider Afghanistan the way is ruled by Taliban a threat but not Saudi Arabia the way is ruled by monarchy…

Demonstration at Habib Bourguiba هذا ما حصل في حبيب بورقيبة يوم 9 أفريل

People Chanting 

Get lessons from the Rose Revolution

Georgia, a state of 4.7 million inhabitants, smaller than Tunisia, has realized tremendous achievements during  just five years since the Rose Revolution of November 2003. Following the visit of the Vice Prime Minister of Georgia, Giorgi Baramidze, I’ve become more curious to know about the Color Revolutions and looking forward for our government to-at least- learning from them.