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Salim Salamah's Keynote speech at 9th UNESCO Youth Forum

Ladies and Gentlemen,
On the flight here to Paris, coming from my exile in Sweden where I have been a political refugee since 2013, I was thinking... which story I need to tell you? for my own story as a stateless Palestinian from Syria, refugee again in Sweden, I now feel lucky and privileged to stand before you today.  Crossing borders, mobility and checkpoints were a constant reality and fear in Syria, now as I have a Swedish travel document, I can be with you to deliver the untold stories about Syria.

So the question now what story? Do I tell you the story of nearly half of Syria's population who has been uprooted for the past 4 years? or the story of children out of school, girls abused and people struggling to survive?

Unfortunately, stories of terror, barrel bombs and massacres have acquired an awful familiarity. But young people of my age have turned these hardships into drive for social change.

like the story of a movement of over 80 Syrian civil society groups who formed Pl…